Guidance Products

New Holland/Trimble EZ-Guide 250

Entry level guidance screen with an 11cm display and tough casing, ideal for manual steering applications such as spraying or fertiliser spreading on grass. Screen is available with an upgrade antenna option to get to Egnos level accuracy +/- 20cm and standard with USB port giving availability to download field and coverage information to your PC.

New Holland/Trimble XCN 750

The XCN 750 Trimble screen is a 7” Android based display. It is a cost effective solution offering great functionality, ease of use and simple installation set up. Application control, auto-steering and Isobus are options available with the XCN 750. Can be matched with either a Nav 500 or 900 depending on requirements.

New Holland/Trimble XCN 1050

The XCN 1050 is a larger version of the XCN 750, at 10”. Has all the functionality and options of the 750 but with Universal Terminal, front facing camera and increased Isobus functionality with Task Controller as standard. Can be matched with a Nav 900 or traditional navigation controller.

New Holland XCN 2050

The XCN 2050 is the largest of the Android based screens, at 12”. With all the functionality of the rest of the XCN family but with various optional extra functions including field level, drainage planning and true tracker/true guide implement steering.

New Holland Intelliview IV

This is the standard screen used in New holland products from tractors to combines and balers. It is capable of all auto-steer functions, Isobus, Task Controller and tractor control functions simultaneously. Can take up to 3 cameras.


Ez-Pilot is the starting point of the Trimble auto steer range. Can be fitted to any vehicle with a steering wheel, regardless of colour or Brand. Simple to fit and straight forward to swap between vehicles.


Intellisteer is the fully integrated steering option from New Holland. Can be factory fit or retro fitted to most New Holland products. Uses the Intelliview 4 screen to control steering via steering valves mounted directly onto the steering motor. Can be combined with variable ratio custom steer and Intelliturn on most NH tractors for even greater autonomy and control.

New Holland/Trimble Autopilot

Autopilot is Trimble’s integrated steering system. Can be fitted to any Auto-Guidance Ready (AGR) vehicle regardless of brand. We have a kit for pretty much anything with a steering axle!

New Holland PLM Cygnus Receiver

The PLM Cygnus receiver is the next generation of receivers available from New Holland. Currently available on the T8. Range this is an antenna/receiver and terrain compensator all built into one unit. Available with various levels of accuracy. Will eventually be available on Basildon built products.

PLM Benefits

Guidance Products

Levels of Accuracy

Regardless of brand, budget, equipment or functionality requirements – we have a steering solution for you, with the expertise to back it up – and all on your doorstep.

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