PLM Guidance Providing the latest technology and techniques to our customers

Fife Tractors has been involved in Precision Land Management (PLM) since 2008, working with New Holland to provide the latest technology and techniques to our customers.

Offering a wide range of options to all our customers, from large arable/veg operations looking for every cost saving they can find to stock farmers looking to make spreading valuable inputs more accurate while also saving time and money.

We have supplied and fitted up several RTK fixed base station installations and also supplied mobile RTK systems to customers who perhaps have ground spread over a wide area or which changes from one year to the next in terms of rented ground for potatoes/veg. We have experience with the full range of New Holland products having sold many guidance screens, assisted steering units, Intellisteer and we have also been very successful at fitting fully integrated steering systems onto competitive brands of tractors. Variable rate via prescription maps and even sprayer section control are both possible via New Holland/Trimble screens.

We can supply software for your PC to make the most of the yield mapping information taken off your combine. This powerful software allows you to create prescription maps and analyze all sorts of data from your combine. The New Holland software packages available include PLM Viewer (free scaled down version of the full version), PLM Mapping, PLM Books, PLM Water Control and PLM Mobile application.

We have a solution for everyone.

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